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EHB-K, wirelessmobile columns for rail vehicles

battery-powered and radio-controlled

The existing workshop area remains versatile in use. No permanent installation is required. Each vehicle can be lifted quickly, easily and safely by the easily maneuverable columns. The battery-driven and wireless columns work self-sufficiently and only require a 230V power supply for occasional recharging of the batteries. Separate operation desks are not required as the operation is possible directly at each column.

Your system benefits

  • Versatile use in the workshop

    The existing workshop area remains free for various use. No expensive foundation works are required. With the operation at any column lift a separate central operation desk is not needed. There are hardly any requirements for power source. The battery operated columns just need a 230V socket to charge the batteries, 4 columns on one socket.



  • Flexible use

    All columns of a EHB lift set are identical. Thus the quantity of columns per lift set can be configurated freely, up to 30 columns per set.

  • Economic efficiency

    The columns are easy to maneuver and position at the vehicle by one person.

    Time consuming cable connection of the columns is not necessary when using Finkbeiner wireless lifting systems.

    High voltage cable connections for operating the lifting system is eliminated because the battery-powered columns are energy self-sufficient.

    The hydraulic lifting columns are almost wear and maintenance free.

  • Wireless technology

    Through radio communication and battery drive, the wireless Finkbeiner lifting systems are extremely flexible.

    A trip hazard is eliminated with no cables on the ground. No cables across the track. No separate controllers. No time consuming cable connections from column to column.

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