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EHB, mobile columns for commercial and special vehicles

mobile and exceptionally flexible

Mobile column lifts - MCL - the perfect heavy duty workshop solution. Your workshop area remains versatile in use. No costly permanent installation is required. An even workshop floor is sufficient for operating the lifts.

Each vehicle can be lifted quickly and safely at the wheels with the easily maneuverable columns.

For washbays and outdoor use special protected models are available.

Your system benefits

  • Versatile use in the workshop

    The existing workshop area remains free for various use. You take the mobile columns to just where you need them, indoors or outdoors. Thus the hoists of model EHB can be used most versatile and multi-functional.

  • Mobile columns for any vehicle

    Within the large range of mobile columns you can select the right lift perfectly suitable for your vehicles and your applications.

    Mobile columns are available from 2.5 up to 15 tons capacity and adjustable support forks for wheel diameters of up to 2.5 m, for standard commercial vehicles or special heavy duty vehicles.

    The individual columns can be freely positioned to the vehicle; 2, 4, 6, 8 or more per lift set.

    You can achieve even more versatile use of the lifts by various accessories such as support cross beams to lift the vehicle at the chassis.

    For washbay or outdoor applications special models are available.

  • Free access to the vehicle

    Have fun to get your work done! With free access to the underside of the raised vehicle; with sufficient head clearance by large lifting height; with best lighting conditions underneath the vehicle which can even be improved using LED spotlights; with efficient working at floor level and short distances to walk; with your portable workshop equipment such as transmission jacks, tool boxes etc. easily maneuvered directly underneath the vehicle; with axle stands to support the vehicle for free access to wheels and brakes.

  • Safe support of the vehicle

    The lift columns are moved towards the vehicle and positioned at the wheels, quickly and simply. The wheel forks can be adjusted in order to touch the wheels from both sides and to secure the load.

  • Economic efficiency

    Nonstationary and movable vehicle lifts do not require expensive foundations works or a permanent installation. Just a standard even workshop floor is sufficient to operate the lift.

    In comparison to all other workshop systems such as pits, in-ground or stationary platform lifts mobile columns by far represent the most economic workshop solution.

EHB, mobile column lifts

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light-duty commercial vehicles

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commercial truck and bus

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heavy-duty commercial vehicles, special vehicles

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