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Mobile column lift EHB1003V11DC-4 wireless

data sheet

Set of 4 columns for light trucks, motorhomes, vans, 4 x 3 t = 12 t, battery drive, columns without cable connection, radio control, adjustable forks for wheels Ø 550-1140 mm, length of fork 500 mm, 1 central operation panel, mechnanic wheel handle on each column.


article no. EHB1003V11DC01-4
Lifting unit type of columns 1 master, 3 slaves
position of pillar symmetric
quantity of columns 4
quantity per set 4
Load support load support adjustable wheel fork
capacity per column 3 t
capacity 12 t
length of fork (mm) 500 mm
Lifting height lifting stroke effective 1750 mm
Lifting height 1850 mm
frame height at front (mm) 110 mm
Speed lifting time 70 sec.
lowering time (under load) 70 sec.
lifting time, extended 140 sec.
lowering time, extended 140 sec.
lift cycles at full load 25
lift cycles at 50% load 40
Drive mode of drive electro-hydraulic
motor DC voltage
motor power per column (kW) 2.2 KW
Power supply battery-powered
type of battery deep cycle, maintenance-free
battery capacity per column 80 Ah
length of charging cable 10 m
charging concept EasyCharge
charging voltage 230 V
frequency of power supply 50 Hz
charging time 8 h
Communication communication via radio, wireless
Operation mode of operation 1 central control unit
operation mode all, individual, pair
control electronic
Softstart X
Regularisation sychronisation proportional valves, infinitely variable
Travelling device Travelling device at each column
travelling device at front 2 front wheels, fixed
travelling device at rear 1 wheel handle, spring-loaded, self-lowering under load
ground clearance at front 10 mm
ground clearance at rear 15 mm
Load securing Load securing hydraulic and mechanical
Dimensions length 1230 mm
width 1140 mm
height 2255 mm
height of fork (mm) 100 mm
Weight weight per column (kgs) 450 kg
Protection class IP54
Surface treatment surface treatment powder coating
colour orange RAL2004 / grey RAL7015

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