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FHB, mobile lifts for cars and vans

Free and versatile in use

This unique lift facilitates your requirement for maximum flexibility. The vehicle is lifted via 4 swivel arms as with a stationary 2-post lift – free access to the underbody and doors of the vehicle. One person can easily maneuver the lift for independent use. No fixing to the floor is required. Plug and play. The FHB3500 model is battery driven, which allows the lift to be more independent from a mains supply.

Your system benefits

  • Free workshop area

    Your workshop area stays free for most versatile use. A fixed installation is not required. Plug and play! For the battery-operated model FHB3500 a mains supply is not required; you just use a 110/230V power supply to charge the batteries from time to time.

  • Versatile use in the workshop

    The portable lift FHB can be used for various types of vehicles. Cars, SUV and vans are lifted by means of standard swivel arms or optional detachable platforms. Special vehicles such as mowers, golf-carts, small tractors by means of 4 adjustable drive-on platforms.

  • Free access to the vehicle

    FHB car lift models ensure optimum free access to the underside of the vehicle and free door access at any lifting height.



  • Safe support of the vehicle

    The car is driven into the U-shape of the lift until the front wheels touch the crossbeam. Then the 4 telescopic swivel arms are positioned underneath the vehicle from the outside to adjust the lifting pads to the car's pick-up points.

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