Mobile column - EHB903V11DC wireless

EHB903V11DC wireless

article no.: EHB903V11DC01-H | Technical data sheet:   Download

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Mobile column EHB903V11DC with a capacity of 3 t each for lifting of light commercial vehicles or vans with an axle weight of up to 6 tons and a wheel diameter from 550 mm up to 1140 mm. The columns are radio-controlled and are equipped with a battery drive so that they can be used in a very flexible way. Recharging of the batteries is also possible during lift operation. All columns EHB903V11DC are identical and can be composed for example as follows:

  • set of 4 columns consisting of 4 identical columns: 4 x EHB903V11DC01-H (4 x 3 t = 12 t)
  • set of 6 columns consisting of 6 identical columns: 6 x EHB903V11DC01-H (6 x 3 t = 18 t)
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